Rainbow Riots India

Swedish artist and activist Petter Wallenberg and India's first transgender dance group Dancing Queens, in Mumbai, India. -Photo by Johannes Helje .jpg

‘Rainbow Riots India’, an album of music featuring LGBT artists from India, has been released. The album is written and produced by international LGBT organisation Rainbow Riots’ founder and creative director, the Swedish artist and musician, Petter Wallenberg.

LGBT rights is at the forefront of current affairs in India right now. In September of last year, the controversial British colonial law ’Section 377’ was abolished and same-sex relationships are now no longer a crime; finally all Indian people are free to love.

Petter Wallenberg has been in Mumbai for nearly two years working on ’Rainbow Riots India’ with India’s first openly LGBT singers, artists and dancers. The resulting album and accompanying music videos and documentary material has been gaining international media coverage, not least in India where it is being hailed as a beacon for the LGBT movement stating that it ”breaks down barriers” and has already revealed ”India’s first pride anthem”

Amy Wildsmith