Julian Wassermann - Guard x Vitamin

Julian Wassermann 02.jpg

Julian Wassermann, Munich’s master of deep and melodic techno, has revealed a new double A-side single.

The lead track ‘Guard’ features vocals from the critically acclaimed Australian singer songwriter Yates. The tantalisingly slow-building track includes Wassermann’s signature swirling synths and darkly layered, syncopated rhythms. The song is set to introduce Wassermann to a new legion of fans.

‘Guard’ sees Wassermann move into new territory to his previous productions. “When I recorded the first parts and initial chords, I knew this had the potential to turn into something very special.” he says “It felt like I had to work on a different beat structure to what I typically do in my other productions. I ended up sending my first idea to Yates, and he was quick to respond with his first vocal recordings. His idea really captured the mood of my instrumental and gave it a whole new meaning”

Amy Wildsmith