Drew Schiff - Ride The Wave

Drew Schiff 5 .JPG

Rising singer songwriter and all-round pop talent Drew Schiff has released his new single ‘Ride The Wave’.

The self-penned song is the third to be released by 23 year-old Schiff, whose previous singles ‘Ray-Bans’ and ‘It’s Just today’ have earned him well over 100,000 streams on Spotify and a chart placement in the US.

‘Ride The Wave’ continues Drew’s run of pop perfection, drawing on his personal experiences of love in an imperfect world. He says: “The song’s message is that no matter what your past is, what society tells you who you should (or shouldn't) be or if you feel that you’re not good enough, as long as you’re here with me we can deal with it all, together we will become the eye of the storm.”

Amy Wildsmith