JDP - 'Where Were You When' Album


Award-winning multi-hyphenate, and member of eclectic production group Swim Team, JDP releases his brand new album ‘Where Were You When’ - via Audio Network.

Produced by fellow acclaimed producers Letmode, Myles August and Swim Team, JDP has achieved a new level of sonic brilliance on this album as he finally feels like he’s closer to the sound he’s been searching for. Distilling his unique soulful sound through a fusion of rap, R&B, dance, electro and pop, he crafts together a brand new record with a modern sensibility and an ear tuned by past and present greats.

Speaking of the album JDP said: “‘Where were you when?’ was the question I was always asked by friends, family and people I missed while I was out, but it's also me asking people to think about where they were when they were in a similar place. We're all trying to find our way, so we should celebrate it because eventually it gets us to where we're supposed to be.”

Amy Wildsmith