Leyah - Na Na Na

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Meet 2019’s brand new pop princess - Leyah. The Romanian artist bursts onto the scene this February with her debut single, the feisty, future-facing pop anthem ‘Na Na Na’.

Born into a family of musicians, music runs in Leyah’s blood and she has been making music and performing since she was just 5 years old. Her father, a professional classical conductor, has had a huge impact on Leyah’s career path and her attitude towards music. “My dad once told me ‘There is no bigger freedom for mankind than music’” explains Leyah, “he was a respected and well known conductor back in the 80s in Romania. But due to the communist regime he wasn’t free to express his creativity as we are today. He and many other artists back then, were often stopped trying to cross the border, even though they were invited by European orchestras to perform. He has suffered a lot, but the one that always saved him was the music”

Amy Wildsmith