JDP - Castaways


Award-winning multi-hyphenate, and member of eclectic production group Swim Team, JDP has released his brand new single ‘Castaways’. The track is the second to be released from his new album ‘Where Were You When’ which follows a week later on February 22 via Audio Network.

‘Castaways’ is a smooth hip hop track with chilled keys, airy brass and a laid back groove. It has already garnered much attention being featured by the likes of Channel 4, MTV in the UK, and aired during NFL and NBA TV coverage in the US. Produced with the intention to make the listener feel like they’re floating, it draws inspiration from the disconnection between people and the real world. From being too involved in technology to spending too much time worrying about the wrong things JDP describes how “we're all disconnected, we're all on our little islands, castaways.”

Speaking of the track, JDP said: “I wanted it feel like fresh air, like finally getting a moment to yourself and looking around at where you are. A song that could capture that feeling our generation has of being simultaneously connected to everything and isolated at the same time. That strange feeling of feeling like we're missing out on things even when we're in the middle of them. That's why we're always on our phones or chasing after other moments besides the one we're currently in.”

Amy Wildsmith