Flawes - Don't Count Me Out

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British alt-pop trio Flawes have released their brand new track ‘Don’t Count Me Out’, via Red Bull Records. The track has been included in Spotify New Music Friday UK, Denmark, Sweden and Deezer Brand New UK.

The track follows a self-imposed 18 months out of the limelight, when the band nailed the sound that will define them. It’s the first of three releases over the next few months.

‘Don’t Count Me Out' couldn’t capture Flawes’ fresh sound and fighting spirit more fully. A soaring ode to self-belief, it was inspired by a songwriting session in which the band were forced to stand their ground. “It’s a passionate song about refusing to be brushed aside,” says JC. “It’s a universal message, but having been away for a while, it’s also us announcing that we’re back, on our own terms.”

Few bands launch as explosively as Flawes did, bolting from the blocks straight on to radio within a mere three months of forming. Formed by frontman JC in the summer of 2015 in strange circumstances, all three members were session musicians who had hoped to be in their own bands. JC and drummer Josh Hussey, aka Huss, were childhood friends from Huddersfield who had spent their teen years in different bands. They both moved to London separately before their bands fell apart. JC spent two years touring the world with Ella Eyre, but continued to write songs on the side. When Ella asked to hear some, she was so impressed that she booked JC as a support act. The catch? He didn’t have a band, had only completed a handful of tracks and the tour was in three months.

Amy Wildsmith