Benedict Cork - Therapy

Benedict_Therapy_201811151989 1.JPG

Captivating British singer songwriter Benedict Cork has releasde his brand new single ‘Therapy’. The track follows the release of his debut solo EP ‘Piano Tapes’ which was recorded live at Red Gate Recorders last September.

Resolute on storytelling through his songwriting, Hertfordshire-born Benedict allows his personal life experiences to define and shape his music. The results of this approach account for his powerful and emotional songs, of which 'Therapy' is a prime example.

Benedict said: “Last summer I began a course of therapy that has honestly been life changing for me. There's an anxiety that I've always experienced since being a kid that started affecting my day to day life and it all got a little bit overwhelming. Like many young men, I'd never really spoken about my mental health. I find it much easier to write my thoughts and emotions down in song than to discuss them with the people I love.”

Amy Wildsmith