The Tribe of Good - Heroes


London-based music collective The Tribe of Good have released their brand new single ‘Heroes’ via Ultra Records. The track, which is an interpretation of David Bowie and David Eno’s 1977 classic ‘Heroes’, is the second single to be released from their forthcoming album succeeding the uplifting string-laced jam ‘Turning It Up For The Sunshine.’

Topped with extra sprinkles of cosmic electronica, The Tribe of Good have drawn musical influences from both vintage and modern day creative techniques to rework the classic and perform it in an entirely different way. “The backing track is contemporary electronica crafted by Michele Balduzzi (AKA Phonat - dubbed by Skrillex as the most underrated producer in the world) while the vocals are radically re-interpreted as a female vintage soul song, recorded entirely on 1950s equipment.” says Hal Ritson - the Grammy-nominated mastermind steering the group into the spotlight.

Amy Wildsmith