Emergency Tiara - Karaoke Party

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 16.07.04.png

NYC’s pop princess Emergency Tiara returns from touring the United States with her brand new single ‘Karaoke Party’.

Oozing with fun, ‘Karaoke Party’ expertly combines Emergency Tiara’s signature vintage-inspired sound to create a warm and inviting track that is perfect for the seasonal celebrations. The release marks the end of a very busy year for Emergency Tiara, who has just completed an East Coast tour of the US with American rapper Silentò.

Speaking about the new single, Emergency Tiara said: “Growing up in Japan, karaoke was always a huge part of my life! Whenever we celebrate birthdays, graduations, finals, and more, we go to karaoke! It is definitely one of my favourite ways to hang out and get to know new and old friends! And through ‘Karaoke Party’ I would love to get to know every single one of you too!”

Amy Wildsmith