Kaien Cruz - Dangerous

Kaien Cruz - Press Pic - Photo by Wayne Reiche.jpg

South African singer-songwriter Kaien Cruz will releases her brand new single, the alluring ‘Dangerous’, via Platoon.

Seamlessly fusing pop and nu-soul elements with an infectious electronic beat, ‘Dangerous’ radiates flickers of summer melodies, lyrically echoing the sentiment of ‘Maneater’ (both Hall & Oates, and Nelly Furtado versions).

Kaien said: “I wrote ‘Dangerous’ during a very frustrating time in my life. I’d just realised that a lot of people in this industry that I thought had my back, actually didn’t. So this song is about those people and and other things in my life that I thought were good for me, but were only holding me back.”

Amy Wildsmith