Indiana - Not Girlfriend Material Album


Indiana, the British singer, songwriter and social media provocateur, has released her grandiose new album ‘Not Girlfriend Material’. The record is the follow up to her acclaimed debut ‘No Romeo’, which was released in 2015.

Speaking about the album, Indiana says  “It’s the record I always wanted to make - it represents me, not everybody else’s me.” The album is the result of some significant changes in Indiana’s life. It’s a compelling album of light and shade; it’s sultry, it’s heartfelt and at times it’s fantastically dirty, plus with tracks covering subjects ranging from sexual libertarianism to being a functioning alcoholic, it’s certainly not what might be considered ‘safe’. From the gritty backstreet basslines of first single ‘Paper Cut’ (to be accompanied by a dark and foreboding video, coming soon), to the uplifting booze fuelled anthem ‘I Like Drinking’, it’s recognisable as Indiana and yet, like her, feels completely brand new.

Amy Wildsmith